There has been around more than 14 million first time voters in “YOUNG INDIA” and this general election marked the LARGEST VOTER TURNOUT ever in the history of our country. It seems like India has been never as young as it is today. And this largest voter turnout substantiates the fact, which this new government cannot ignore; that it needs to create an ecosystem of jobs otherwise it would be sunk completely.


Inefficient implementation of our policies has led to increase in imports. Now if we bring ready-made TVs, ready-made cars then what jobs are government creating in India? We are not importing any kind of raw materials so that it can be converted into finished goods thus creating jobs in the process. But on the other hand we are keenly taking out valuable iron-ore from mother earth and exporting to our “not-so-friendly” neighbour China, thus boosting their manufacturing sector, so that they develop missiles only to scare us by deploying them at our borders.



The trust deficit between employers and employees in India is marked by various incidents of industrial unrest and some resulted in death as well. One such incident was the Manesar plant incident of Maruti Suzuki.

What young India needs today is a strong and responsible industrial associations wherein consultation should be mandated before any changes in law are made. The government’s work will be reduced if the labour unions and managers sat down and resolved issues within themselves. India’s labour law is very complex. They are too many and very badly administered.

The government can follow these ethnics:

1.Ensure technocratic administration, use technology to harness transparency.

2. Focus should be on simplifying regulations and improve industrial relations.

3. Make the youth job ready at National Skill Development Corporation in New Delhi.


The only way to create job is to revive manufacturing sector. Today the contribution of manufacturing sector to GDP stands at 17%, China has 46%, Malaysia 40% and Indonesia 46%. Can we expect the Indian youth to wake up early in the morning worrying for lunch? One of the ways to improve the already hostile condition of our labour is to import raw materials and process it to finished goods.

India has abundant reserves of bauxite, coal, iron ore, copper and gold. But still it is spending huge on imports such that theimport bill is now standing at $500 billion. Hundreds and thousands of large, medium and small scale industries can be set up across India with the help of PPP or the 3Ps or the Public Private Partnerships to process our raw materials and further manufacture it which can create 10-15 crore jobs. We should learn from Germany, and when I say Germany I didn’t mean football… I mean we should adopt their manufacturing model which many countries like Britain has already done since it is very flexible and both labour and manager friendly.


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