This Day, That Year: My Experience on IPCC results Day

The D-Day had arrived…The food was not going down my throat…I was secreting water in the form of sweat more than ever…I was excreting water too…a lot…and when I say that I really mean it…because I frequented loo around 3 times in every 30 minutes, even though I was not drinking water proportionately and the frequency kept increasing progressively, if not exponentially…couldn’t just fathom how the Nature’s call was so recurrent… I was, and thankfully, I am not suffering from diabetes…this could be ironical for many a diabetes patients

There was an air of expectancy that I could turn the tables…That I could leave an ineradicable impression in the minds of people who thought otherwise for me…There was this barrage of thoughts going across my already bewildered mind which left me bereft of my normal understanding of the situation…and when I was speaking anything I sounded as a Tushar Kapoor from Golmaal series…Only “aa—ee—oo—aa” was echoing and re–echoing from the four walls of my house. I had already been frozen with fear. The ruminative vein in me was paralysed to the core.

It seemed as if the second’s hand of my wall clock was moving slower than a tortoise…the situation was mentally taxing…the butterflies in my stomach had taken its toll…the optimist in me always believed that I could make the cut but the pragmatist was in doubts…

Even a naive visitor from Mars would have identified me as his “Kumbh ke mele me khoya hua bhai” and this is underlined by the fact that I looked completely inhuman and alienated. I should reiterate mates- “Phat chuki thi”. There were only negatives thoughts mushrooming in my introspective branches and there was not the smallest sign of positive thought even though I was trying to emanate optimism while answering calls of my near and dear ones who were very much alacritous to know my results.

The results were scheduled to be declared around 3 p.m. and it was around 11.30 a.m. when my friend called me up…told me in an enthusiastic tone that the results have been declared and it goes without saying that the butterflies in my stomach which had already taken its toll started wreaking havoc all inside my body. Negative thoughts started creeping in…can I stand among those intellectual stalwarts…can I secure at least the bare minimum…tension all around the corner prevailed…

But this friend of mine was a prime duffer spreading rumours. He should have been born like a pressure cooker whistle. A complete dead meat was he…fit to be united with the Aam Aadmi Party…i would have pinned him to the wall if he was beside me… you already know it… results wasn’t there…

This situation became enigmatic as the clock turned 3.00 p.m. During this time, in normal days my cheeks would have been kissing the pillows, my arms and legs wide outspread and I would have lost in wonderland. But today, sleep turned out to be my biggest enemy. I couldn’t even ask ‘Why This Kolaveri Di’

My uncle called me around 4:00 p.m. and he was the first guy to see my result. I wondered, “How did he manage to tweak out my roll number” even though I didn’t give to anyone, exactly no one. But knowing this shouldn’t and wasn’t one’s priority when something mightier was waiting around the corner a.k.a. my results…

Now my uncle, with all due respect, aspires to become an author of page-turners. He kept beating around the bush managed to create as much suspense as he could…was reluctant to tell my results straightaway…if he would have been my friend, he would already taken a purifying bath in All India Slangs Radio whose RJ is me. But without causing further anxiety, he spoke those enchanting words which I was craving to hear for the past 2 months – You made it to the Finals… I would have given him the warmest of hugs if he was beside me… but a string of thank yous was all that I could manage… I cleared IPCC with respectable marks…and to be very honest with you…it was way above my expectations…Thanks Almighty

His call gave me the most wanted interminable relief, that immeasurable pleasure and it goes without saying that it was most certainly the point d’honneur for me…it was an awe inspiring delight…phone calls started pouring in…from everywhere… I answered them all…This result gave me the inspiration to move ahead with unbridled enthusiasm to pursue further goals in my life…

There arises no need to further describe the situation…as many would have already witnessed in their cases… and for those who couldn’t I have these few words for you… Please feel free to comment your feelings below in the comment box…

“Picture abi baaki hai mere dost”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m at the end of my dedicated hours to this. I’m going to sleep.


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