Mr. Modi, This is How India will grow at 5.5% this fiscal year. PART I: THE APPETIZER

Just like when you are out for a dinner with your sweetie and the first thing that you ask for is a starter a.k.a. appetizer namely soup et al, similarly when NaMo plans to ameliorate our already beleaguered economy, he has to begin with starters (incontrovertibly) alias basic issues. Just as starters set  s the tone for the dinner or act as an appetizer similarly NaMo needs to address the bread & butter issues which will re-generate the animal spirit in our economy.

Just as we try to impress out sweeties (pun intended) by offering her the best food in the city similarly NaMo needs to follow these basic steps to achieve the desired target of 5.5% growth this fiscal year.

images (7)

In this Blogpost of mine I will only enlist the various issues that our government should address and in the following series of Blogposts we will take up each issue at a time and I will provide their solutions, in a complete new and unique way. I hope you will enjoy this epic journey with me and stay updated. These Blogposts will be a one stop solution for all the economic issues of our economy. I promise you I will keep you updated with all the happenings in our country.

So let’s get started…

These are the topics of my future blogs:

1. How will India grow at 5.5%: Out-of-the-box thinking required

2. The magic wand to control inflation

3. Empowering India: Call for Manufacturing Boost: Removing Bottlenecks

4. India’s divestment strategy decoded

5. Cleaning Economic Mess: 3 things required: Execution, Execution and Execution

6. Time to rope in Technology

7. Bond Market needed, urgently

8. Road map for Global Superpower by 2025

9. Investment friendly India

10. Last but not the least: This will be a super surprise for my learned readers

I ardently hope that you all will indubitably follow my blogs in this wonderful journey of enlightenment.

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