An open letter to my future girl-friend

Dear heart’s fascination,

I am damn sure that you will be the crème de la crème of my life. I know you will be the strongest patron of me in my hard times. I know that you will be most enthusiastic advocate in my ups and downs. You will be the cynosure of my eyes. I know you will inspire me to the core, to move ahead in my life with unbridled enthusiasm, with unrestrained focus, with utmost of care, with unimaginable love and with a bit of freedom☺ to achieve what I dream of in my life. And I will be the same – I commit this to you…

I believe that it is very important for us to fall in love with a person who inspires us to keep doing what we love to do. Therefore, this is the trait that I really need in a person – inspiration, inspiration, inspiration. I don’t really care how you look,how tall you are, how you go about doing things, what hobbies you have – and yes it’d be cool if we have some similar ones.

Last night I dreamt of a light-house emanating its light from the top of the structure at a place where sea meets the sea shore. Then I imagined its primary purpose – to guide the captain of the ships and the sailors to home – I want you to be my light-house –who guides me to keep feeding my passion – to keep reminding me of the person who I am – to help me realise my authentic self – to guide me home whenever I feel down and out in my life –And I commit – I will be the exact same for you.

I hope that you do things that you love doing and believe in challenging the status quo. I want you to be ‘zinda-dil’ and not ‘Moaning myrtle’ who keeps complaining about matters. I want you to do overcome your problems by your deeds – and not by being rhetoric – since it would not lead you anywhere but in the ever-lasting dungeon of darkness.

This morning, when I was running onto the field, I saw the sun above the big blue sky, I felt the warmth of her rays onto my soul, and a thought surprised my already enchanted mind. I realised that the sun showed up every day sharing its light and energy unconditionally. She shows up even in the coldest month of January to spread her warmth – I want you to be just like the sun loving me unconditionally – spreading your warmth in my life – Needless to commit – I will be exact same for you.

But there’s this one quality that I need the most in the girl whom I want to date till my last date – and it goes without saying – inspiration – to the core. I want you to inspire me to push myself in my life – to run that extra mile – help me inspire to be better each day – to push me out of my comfort zone – and I will do the exact same for you.

I really wish to read books alongside you sharing the same pillow. That will be an incredibly great moment for me. I have read only one book as of now. And I desperately want to add many marvellous books to my ‘ALREADY-READ’ list. And I am saying this with a strong sense of dedication.

There’s one more thing that I need in you…Trust…more than love…There’s always this interminable debate about which is the greatest feeling of life – “Love” or “Trust”… I believe it is trust…because that we may love many but cannot trust them… Trust embodies a relation…it is the main ingredient of a healthy relation…it’s a manifestation of an evergreen and lively relation…

Your presence by my side will be the index of my happiness – maximum when you are near; needless to say after this… and when any differences crop up…I commit you…Chai pe Charcha will be our first priority to sort matters out…rather than creating an ISI vs RAW scenario between two soul mates.

Last Sunday afternoon, I dreamt of a disco ball with its various colourful lights, popping out from it spreading colours in our lives. I want you to be my disco ball – someone who radiates fun loving energy in all situations.

I want to foster an incredibly exhilarating relationship with you – A relationship where we will pursue new heights and do new things together. I expect our relationship to morph and galvanize into something great…and for me the point d’honneur will be when I, to my immense gratification, holding your hand, could say that you are the best thing to have ever happened to me.

I am very much alacritous to meet you – The sooner the better!

Thank you.

Yours and yours – forever and beyond,

Akhilesh ☺


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