An open letter to my future girl-friend

Dear heart’s fascination,

I am damn sure that you will be the crème de la crème of my life. I know you will be the strongest patron of me in my hard times. I know that you will be most enthusiastic advocate in my ups and downs. You will be the cynosure of my eyes. I know you will inspire me to the core, to move ahead in my life with unbridled enthusiasm, with unrestrained focus, with utmost of care, with unimaginable love and with a bit of freedom☺ to achieve what I dream of in my life. And I will be the same – I commit this to you…

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PART II: ouT-of-ThE-boX-thInKinG

When NaMo invited the SAARC nation’s top authorities at his swearing-in ceremony he had hit a first-ball six setting an example of out-of-the-box thinking. Something that no PM has ever done before. His, latest endeavour, Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana aimed at financial inclusion, also accentuates his out-of-the-box thinking. His “Make-in-India” call has already set the ball rolling in the court.

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Mr. Modi, This is How India will grow at 5.5% this fiscal year. PART I: THE APPETIZER

Just like when you are out for a dinner with your sweetie and the first thing that you ask for is a starter a.k.a. appetizer namely soup et al, similarly when NaMo plans to ameliorate our already beleaguered economy, he has to begin with starters (incontrovertibly) alias basic issues. Just as starters set  s the tone for the dinner or act as an appetizer similarly NaMo needs to address the bread & butter issues which will re-generate the animal spirit in our economy.

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This Day, That Year: My Experience on IPCC results Day

The D-Day had arrived…The food was not going down my throat…I was secreting water in the form of sweat more than ever…I was excreting water too…a lot…and when I say that I really mean it…because I frequented loo around 3 times in every 30 minutes, even though I was not drinking water proportionately and the frequency kept increasing progressively, if not exponentially…couldn’t just fathom how the Nature’s call was so recurrent… I was, and thankfully, I am not suffering from diabetes…this could be ironical for many a diabetes patients

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